Retro Boy is Now Available on Android

Retro Boy, the 8-bit, chiptune-style, MIDI synth for Windows is now available for free on Android devices. Get it on Google Play!

Some features of Retro Boy:

  • 7 Waveforms: Sine, Triangle, Sawtooth, 50% Pulse, 25% Pulse, 12.5% Pulse, & Noise.
  • 1 to 8 Note Polyphony.
  • Variable decimation, vibrato, & and envelope.
  • Works with a physical MIDI keyboard, or use it’s own two octave virtual keyboard.
Get it on Google Play

WaveEditor for Android™ Released

Thank you to all beta testers and people who provided feedback to help shape WaveEditor, which is now officially released! Even though it is out of beta, development will continue on making it even better and ensuring broader device compatibility. Suggestions and feature requests are always open, which can be sent to

Be sure to switch to the public release version to get future releases:

Having Trouble Registering Plug-ins?

Welcome, this post will help you install the RBXL VST plug-in, specifically if you are having trouble with the registration process. Most of the time, if you can’t get the synth to complete registration, the cause is from a Windows or 3rd party security feature. Which could very likely be one of two problems: a firewall blocking the synth from the network, or Windows has blocked the file, limiting the files permissions. Below, I will explain how fix the problem, and get you up and running! Continue reading “Having Trouble Registering Plug-ins?”