Contribute Translations for WaveEditor

Any translators that would like to see their language available in WaveEditor, that are willing and able to do the work of translation, may download the strings resource file below. Alternatively, if a current translation contains an error, leave a comment.

Download strings file

Send your completed translations to

Only languages that are not listed below are needed.

  • English
  • Portuguese provided by Allexandre Br
  • Thai provided by Starwalking2017

WaveEditor USB Microphone Support

WaveEditor for Android™ version 1.0.24 will now support USB audio input. This feature is still in the R&D phase, but should work on most supported phones when used with class compliant audio devices. USB audio output is not currently supported. Recording format will vary between devices; The mic’s default configuration is used with a preferred 44.1kHz sample rate.

*Note: If playback does not work when USB mic is connected, you must disable USB audio routing. This can be done by enabling the option “Prevent USB audio routing” in the Developer Options of your device’s settings app. Restart the device after enabling this option.

Any testers who can provide insight of their device compatibility, please add a comment below.

USB microphones used with WaveEditor

  • Samson Q1U
  • Zoom H5 recorder (Mic only, mono output)
  • Samson Go Mic
  • iRig Mic Studio
  • Sabrent USB Stereo Sound Adapter
  • Behringer Q1202USB Mixer

Having Trouble Registering Plug-ins?

Welcome, this post will help you install the RBXL VST plug-in, specifically if you are having trouble with the registration process. Most of the time, if you can’t get the synth to complete registration, the cause is from a Windows or 3rd party security feature. Which could very likely be one of two problems: a firewall blocking the synth from the network, or Windows has blocked the file, limiting the files permissions. Below, I will explain how fix the problem, and get you up and running! Continue reading “Having Trouble Registering Plug-ins?”