Synthetic VST Plug-In

Synthetic is a quad oscillator subtractive VST plug-in made for layering and modulation. This is a great synth for creating pads or space textures and it's totally free!


  • Type: Subtractive
  • Included Presets: 128
  • Polyphony: 1, 4, 8 , 16
  • Oscillators: 4
  • Waveforms: Sine, Saw, Triangle, Square, Tri-Sine, Supersaw, Noise
  • Filter: LP, HP BP, BR, Peaking
  • Effects: Reverb, Delay, Chorus, Distortion, Stereoizer
  • Keyboard: Built-in
  • Modulation: 2 LFO, 4 Envelope
  • Modulation Routing: 6 available
  • Trancegate: 16 step stereo
  • Portamento: w/Slide


Quad Oscillators

The oscillator system in Synthetic is made up of two groups. Each group consists of two oscillators, a filter, and an envelope. Each oscillator has seven waveforms available: sine, saw, triangle, square, noise, supersaw, and tri-sine. There are five types of filters to pick from in each group: low pass, high pass, band pass, band reject, and peaking.

Built-in Effects

Synthetic includes five built-in effects: reverb, ping-pong delay, chorus, distortion, and a stereoizer.

Factory Sounds

Synthetic comes pre-loaded with 128 presets! Including basses, leads, pads, strings, & more. Save and load abilities make it possible to create and share your own sounds!


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  • Windows XP/Vista/7 (Windows only)
  • 512 MB RAM (1+ GB recommended)
  • Pentium III or better (or AMD equivalent)
  • SSE processor support
  • DAW or host for VST
  • ASIO driver recommended

Price: FREE

Format: VST Plug-In
Bits: 32
OS: Windows only