WaveEditor for Android™ Released

Thank you to all beta testers and people who provided feedback to help shape WaveEditor, which is now officially released! Even though it is out of beta, development will continue on making it even better and ensuring broader device compatibility. Suggestions and feature requests are always open, which can be sent to help@sbaud.io.

Be sure to switch to the public release version to get future releases: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.sbaud.wavstudio

17 Replies to “WaveEditor for Android™ Released”

  1. Hi friends, I purchased the full version and I like all the functions, however would be great if you create a tutorial to understand all the available features

  2. Many thanks for the program. I got a better record in comparison with other recorders for android. This program writes stereo via two microphones from my smartphone. And it is worthy! Thank!

  3. Hi.
    Great app.
    Will there be a Polish language in the next editions?
    I could help you translate it into Polish.

  4. This app recordes well, but not having the ability to export your file into another environment, such as Dropbox, or to email it to your os or IOS operating systems where you can work on the file in GarageBand or audio copy or what have you is a non-starter for me. I think the reason why they did this is so that you feel forced to upgrade and buy all the editing apps within the actual app itself. If this is there thinking, it’s a drag. Open source open source open source open source you know what I’m saying?

  5. I have emailed multiple times because I need to be able to send these files. I was able to figure it out ONE TIME where I could add to my google drive to send to share. I need this done ASAP. I have bought the pro version and I am still having issues. I emailed the developer two times and no one emailed back. This is extremely annoying. I have spent hours and days trying to figure this out. Once I do, I will be deleting the app but I need these files from it. I spent MONEY on this app and can’t get my files onto my computer. This is ridiculous. I want my money if you cannot help me to get MY files onto MY computer.

      1. Please, there should be a manual how to use the wave editor because the app is very good.

  6. Hi. Already pay for. What is the purpose of this software.

    Please help how to use.

    Is it only functioning as a recording? Will it record multitracks from my mixer?


  7. I’m going to upgrade this program to unlocked the effects but I have an doubt if made my music properly and put it in effect and after saving it will be there in mode of effect or not means it will be save like I want with the effects??

    Please answer me!!!

  8. I have just purchased the pro version and my money also got deducted from my bank but yet I haven’t got the pro version on my phone yet and is still telling me to pay.

  9. After updating of the app,the converter stopped working,the input and output files fly out.Will the error be corrected?How much does the full version of the app cost?

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