WaveEditor for Android™ Released

Thank you to all beta testers and people who provided feedback to help shape WaveEditor, which is now officially released! Even though it is out of beta, development will continue on making it even better and ensuring broader device compatibility. Suggestions and feature requests are always open, which can be sent to help@sbaud.io.

Be sure to switch to the public release version to get future releases: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=io.sbaud.wavstudio

5 Replies to “WaveEditor for Android™ Released”

  1. Hi friends, I purchased the full version and I like all the functions, however would be great if you create a tutorial to understand all the available features

  2. Many thanks for the program. I got a better record in comparison with other recorders for android. This program writes stereo via two microphones from my smartphone. And it is worthy! Thank!

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