Sea Paper LWP (Live Wallpaper)

Android 4.0+

$0.99 USD

SeaPaper for Android™ is a sea-themed live wallpaper. It does not require any permissions!

• Made completely out of vector graphics for a crisp display on all screen sizes.
• Wallpaper changes over time, switching to day/night mode with orbiting sun/moon.
• Randomize selects a new boat and theme each time the wallpaper is shown.
• Seasick Mode creates a dizzied vision effect.
• Themes available in every basic color.
• Choose from five boats/ships (Pirate, Viking, Sailboat, Sub, Tugboat).
• Change the water dynamics with wave presets for calmer or rougher water.
• Adjustable frame rate to save CPU and battery.
• Wallpaper does not consume battery or CPU when it is not showing.