PushUp+ Handsfree Rep Counter

Android 4.0.3+

FREE w/In-app purchases

Conveniently track push ups without having to do anything! PushUp+ uses your phone proximity sensor (if supported) to count your reps, sets, and averaged times. This app is not only limited to push ups, and can be used in other workouts too!

★ Proximity or touch modes.
★ Graded session performance.
★ Statistical chart visuals of past session data.
★ Audible sound plays for event feedback like completing a rep or set.
★ Log of the total number of completed reps.

Place phone on floor of desired workout area so that the proximity sensor (usually on front next to phone speaker) aligns with your forehead. The phone can be in any orientation as long as the proximity sensor is aligned under your forehead. When doing a push up, you must be within range of the proximity sensor.

Due to the multitude of different phone specs and capabilities, proximity tracking may not work on all devices. Some devices have low range sensors, or even no sensor at all. Don’t worry, touch mode is available to make sure this app will work for everybody.

Support this app for future development by purchasing a license within the app. This also removes ads!